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~ Flight Log ~

I am a native Texan and a native San Antonian who grew up in the best decades ever-- the fifties and sixties-- yea baby boomers! First and foremost, I am a Christian. I'm a former schoolteacher (3rd-6th grades for 8 years) and photographer's darkroom manager. I'm presently employed by VIA Metropolitan Transit where I drive in circles all day, meditating and greeting people. Consequently, in my free time, I find enjoyment in NOT driving and in avoiding crowds.

I love no one more than my three two dogs. Except for Christ, a few friends, and my whole family! : )

The most memorable day of my life was my fiftieth birthday on which I jumped from an airplane over Waller, Texas, compliments of my brother, Chris, and my friend, Bob. (No, it was NOT their idea; I asked for it!)

The hobbies and interests I've had throughout my life, some of which have stuck with me, are photography, dogs (training and ownership), painting (very primitive), birding, antiquing (American country and primitives), learning new things, theology, journaling, and participating in online forums... with my very cool white Macbook, Frosty. Thanks to my brother, Chris, who got me my first Apple computer and introduced me to a whole new world.

Last, but not least, my present passion is learning to skydive. It has probably taken me longer to learn than it has taken anyone else, due to the fact that 1) I had a persistent spinning problem in freefall which required me to repeat several levels multiple times and eventually take a trip to the vertical wind-tunnel in Perris, CA to get over this major hump in my progression, 2) I had/have a knack for choosing the worst possible days, weather-wise, to pursue this goal, and have often made the 60-mile trip home without even having gotten off the ground, and 3) I also have a history of chronic headaches which prevent me from being at the dropzone every weekend. I began my Accelerated Freefall (A.F.F.) training in April 2005, and as of Jan. 14, 2006, I've made a total of 20 jumps and have only progressed through Level 10 March 25, 2006, I officially finished my student progression, made 26 jumps, and can now do solos, December 2007, I have made 84 jumps, June 2009, I have made 111 jumps... still a long way to go to catch up with the friends who started about the same time as I did! [Update, Aug. 6, 2011: To be perfectly honest, my skydiving progress has come to a standstill. It may be permanent. So much has occurred since my last skydive-- injury to a hand, witnessing what a dust-devil can do to a canopy 25 feet from the ground, a new quality of life due to the treatment of my ADHD... I just don't know if I'll ever go back to it. But it has been the MOST memorable and the most passionate interest I've ever had. I wish I were better at it; I wish it had been an option for me 25 years ago; I wish I'd never had to stop. But at the time, it was necessary. I miss standing in the open doorway of the Otter, scanning the sky for traffic. Counting off the ±6 seconds for separation. Stepping out with my belly to the wind. Watching the plane's underside grow smaller as I slide down the "hill" and my belly turns downward again--- Someday. Someday.]

I call this journal my ~Flight Log~ because I use it to keep track of my skydiving progress. I'm also keeping track of my every-day Flight, just the passage of time through life, by writing down some of the things I am learning along the way, as well as recording experiences and memories. This journal is primarily for my own benefit because it aids my poor memory, but I have made a few friends here who keep up with it-- and I keep up with theirs.